My worst psychiatrist was my most credentialed.

Inadequacies fell under the guise “trying to help too many patients” with a caseload over 2,000.

Sessions were late, energy scrambled, notes forgotten, blood tests ignored & meds repeated.

Mistakes got excused as an “industry overworked”… she was a tired hero, not a poor provider.

It’s provider responsibility to ensure quality care. If they’re too strained to be effective, “do no harm” is failed & patients lose.

Intent to help does not negate neglect & harm.

My healthy kidneys saw stage 1 & 2 kidney disease (CKD) overlooked. Next Up: kidney failure.

“Whoops I’m too busy” doesn’t cut it.

I trusted her.

Hold on tight cowpeeps, it’s one BS bull ride in the wild west of mental health. You’re on your own.

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