Lots of Twitter-therapists post how healing trauma is. How much stronger we grow.

It’s bullshit.

Two years post-life-destroying trauma & I’m not healed. I’m worse.

Fuck me, I guess I broke wrong.

Or maybe the toxically positive Twitter/X healers are full of shit.

Trauma doesn’t make us stronger. It tries to kill us. Sometimes we grow stronger despite. Other times we break/die trying. Either way: we’re never the same again.

Bold statements from mental health professionals given these sobering stats:

50,000 US suicides in 2022 alone. Fact. This doesn’t even include all the suicide attempts, or everyone contemplating death without acting.

I guess they broke wrong, too.

Truly stress test mental health advice & it rarely works. Huge failure rates proven. Undeniable stats.

Fail to heal & grow stronger? Add guilt of your failure to the pain.

“Twitter says I should be stronger. But I’m not… what’s wrong with me?”

Maybe it’s my “negative attitude”. It can’t possibly be a broken/flawed mental health industry marketing empty promises for profit.

We need to hold mental health pros to higher standards. This includes addressing failure. They’ll never do it on their own.

I’ve never once heard a therapist say “our shit doesn’t really work that well”.

If 50,000 houses imploded each year, we’d be asking builders for answers.

Yet notice mental health pros are always giving us the answers. When they fail? Oh it must be your attitude. Try harder.

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