True Story: In couple’s therapy I briefly mentioned my alcoholic mother worrying me.

The therapist casually instructed how I handle it:

“Call the cops. It’s the only thing you can do”.

An arrest would have put my mother in prison.

I called foul & told the therapist to stay in her lane.

She got snooty & lectured me on what it means to be a good therapist, defending her overreach & placing herself in very high regard.

She then dismissed my boundaries & ignored them.

I had to remind her police aren’t a mental health solution nor was she trained in addiction.

My mother’s addiction had nothing to do with my relationship.

I wasn’t seeking life/addiction advice, I was using a protected space to tell my girlfriend why I’m emotionally unavailable.

I had found a very bad therapist. But too late! The damage was already done.

I had to defend my decision to leave this bad therapist against my girlfriend’s plea to “trust the professional”.

Suddenly our therapy-bridge became an ego-wedge.

Bad & mediocre therapy is dangerous.

Moral of the story is stark:

Therapists overreach. “I’m not qualified to advise” rarely occurs. It becomes patient responsibility to set & enforce boundaries early & clearly.

Only patients & loved ones lose when therapists fail.

Your life, your boundaries, no exceptions.

Not respecting boundaries is a huge red flag.

Consider if introducing a 3rd opinion into your relationship warrants the risks. Because there are many risks & it is opinion.

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