This is my third business. Two of which have failed.

I lost all my money.

I lost my home.

I lost a fitness studio to covid.

I lost my entire family… and girl I called Love.

I lost my town. My car. My keys and 30 pounds of muscle.

I burned every bridge I had. Plus more I never had at all.

All while losing my goddamn mind.

The vulnerability that is budding flailing business sans resource became the exact impetus spotlighting the madness cracking me within.

I was breaking.

If not already broken.

My ability to solve problems and write code dwindled each day busted.

Little hurdles grew mountain-large.

My bloodline busted. My brain a heartache on my sleeve an old tool rusted useless.

My dignity and respect of peers obliterated. Only the dogs stood still intact, one of which I later lost.

The moment you need success the most, failure finds you falling hardest.

No nets out here. Just jokers, clowns and bears. Nothing will pad your fall.

There’s a confidence to problem solving you just can’t buy.

Or fake.

And so I stood beneath the gravity of failure howling at the moon 3 water-eyed words alone:

“Can. I. Anymore.”

What I learned is yes I can.

Failure no longer scares me, which means I can no longer fail at all.

And for these rewards alone I stand a taller man eternally grateful.

You can’t stop someone who has nothing left to lose.

Watch me try:
Catching Karens, LLC

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