(20 sec read) Sorry to anyone expecting “Catching Karens” to be exploitive Karen videos. While hilarious, part of CK’s goal is humanizing Karens and giving them their name (and voice) back.

Behind every flailing Karen is mother, a brother, a father and children (yes Karens transcend race and gender).

Karen videos are an important service, too. But not what we do here. Indeed, there is some karen in us all, no one is above it. Don’t think you’re ever a Karen? Riiiight… you’re prob perfect 🙃

Karen: (slang) A good person in a very bad moment, unrelated to race, gender or creed. Usually accompanied by a strong sense of entitlement, limited peer review, and an ignorant false sense of authority; A big fish in a small pond, flexing unwarranted authority inappropriately; See more definitions.

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