The scientific community is one of the most brutally honest, horrifyingly unforgiving, relentlessly persisting, utterly unapologetic entities known to humankind, among earth & beyond.

If therapy & psychiatry wants to participate, it must be willing to play hardball.

Starting with critique.

Yet what I find is a panty-scrunching bunch of ego driven folk too sensitive for peer review at all.

Alas, their same emotional strengths become their sole debilitating weakness; stuck inside vacuums aloofly defensive at their own busted words; cornered like cats clawing wolves.

Get over it. Science hurts; it will gleefully negate a lifetime of research over one morning coffee paper peer review in passing, while laughing. As it should; as it needs to.

Out here the weak die alone.

You want to participate? Step up & play ball. You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

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