(1 min read) Sometimes I unfollow people on Twitter/X I like and respect simply to avoid the urge to respond, which avoids the risk of being dismissed.

Same reason I never word my tweets as questions.

Or try to join clubs.

So much of anger is just fear and hurt of rejection. So much pain is just this rejection in action. Perceived or real.

Permission-based groups can sometimes become not a house for human union and unique evolving thought, but a collection for human dismissal; echo chambers of closed-door thoughts:

Us not them. We not you. Ours not yours. Judgement not embrace. Are you worthy to be welcome, or just passing by another stranger estranged?

I see clubs and I see dismissal. Even if it’s just my own mind dismissing myself, negated merely by the fear of potential loss alone.

I ❤️ any good mind & honest cause out there trying to help anyone, agree or disagree. I even love your private clubs.

I don’t fear you, I fear me. I fear losing the diversity of thought and contrasting opinion I need. I fear “No”. I fear losing you forever.

I love you because we are so different, not because we are eternally alike.

Dare to be different, variety is the spice of life. Love a stranger today. Chances are they like you, fearing only you not liking them.

Thank you all.

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