It’s 2023 in Colorado.

Your therapist recommends, instructs & facilitates the purchase/use of psilocybin (magic mushrooms) for depression & focus (black market).

Progressive? Or inappropriate & unethical? Both?

This creates treatment, ethical & quality control concerns. Risks were never discussed.

True story.

I support creative solutions & have micro-dosed myself (today), but found the exchange completely unprofessional. My partner disagreed & saw it all as perfectly fine.

Ethics & industry standards clearly state this is wrong & even illegal. But is it OK culturally?

Should a therapist be allowed to prescribe any alternative medications, or psychiatrists only?

To be progressive, we have to progress past status quo. Sometimes this means trailblazing, illegally.

But testing undocumented alternative treatments & sketchy doses on patients outside of clinical trials? Super suspect in my opinion.

The difference between micro-dosing & tripping face driving to work is half a gram or strong batch tops.

The unregulated & unsupervised nature of mental health services leaves lots of room for “creative” treatments like this.

Worse yet, the cause-effect of these alt treatments are poorly observed, if noted at all. The conclusions wander in the treatment-ether untethered & unchallenged.

“Conclusions” are asking the patient if they feel better. Hardly scientific.

Often this creativity is intimately intertwined with the subjective opinions of “pros”; the Wild West as they say.

As the mental health industry grows, so do these unregulated tentacles.

Patients beware: you are the only quality control officer in the room.

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