I came to Twitter after 10 years off to help mental health (MH) providers & patients function better, acting as an industry mirror of sorts; a voice in a voiceless vacuum.

The more I try, the less I want anything to do with it at all.

In a system of critical personable accountability, it is beyond 💔 to see how little accountability exists among providers.

Blaming business model failures on insurance companies is the most bleak example. It’s sad. I mean… wow… if only small business were that easy. If only we could all blame our failures on other forces.

Then expecting other people to fix the industry problem for them (and their paycheck), without the wherewithal to see how broken this mentality is; how palatably ironic.

My gut instinct is never participating in therapy again. It’s too broken to operate safely (for me). It’s too subjectively bias.

I get sick to my stomach. 🤮

Which makes me just want to turn away & let the whole thing burn. I fear it’s too much a burden for anyone to riddle.

It’s all ten times worse than I anticipated: the beat on the streets is way better than what’s happening on Twitter.

Not yet tho. Broken people need this voice. Ugh. So I push on.

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