As a child raised by two Karens and a Karen in Recovery myself, the unfortunate reality is bleak: any half-baked journey through mental health will yield startling revelations not only about yourself, but also about everyone immediately around you. Lovers and enemies alike.

Years of mental flailing have cornered you into confronting a questionable psyche. Good for you. Hundreds of therapy hours later, you will step out not only understanding the nuances of your own broken state, but the ugly broken state of people around you as well; Subtle character-defining insights and offensive proclivities hardened through the resin of time, now your personal burden to hurdle. Personal concepts you’ve previously ignored or simply fell ignorant to complacently. The emotional reckoning that follows can be harsh. Read this article to prepare yourself for this potential interpersonal pain.

Ig繚no繚rance (i氶nrns): lack of knowledge or information

The definition of ignorance outlines the entire dilemma alone: To be ignorant is to not know. So the phenom at play is simple: no one is capable of truly knowing how ignorant they are. Except God, Karen and maybe Kan(Ye).

So immediately we as humans lose the ability to self-define our own ignorant status. At best, we can mitigate ignorance with humility, honesty and open communication. At worst, we drift off course completely delusional for lifetimes, like an orb wandering space-time lost.

Yet listen to Aunt-Barb rattle on about her wonderful self, her budding business, and her ugly garden gnomes accentuating her perfect personality. And your mother… bragging about corporate prestige and superiority over others, all in passing over eggs. Millions of Karen videos out on blast, yet “I’m a Karen” is a statement you just don’t hear. Ever.

It’s ignorant to deny ignorance.

A good litmus test quantifying any Karenian potential is flat out asking someone if they have ever been a Karen. Anyone willing to claim they are not and never will be a flailing Karen is likely struggling with significant Karenian forces within and falling.

I once watched a family member complete their 3rd DUI class… drunk, all while belittling every “drunk” in that class as if miraculously above. “That’s not me” they say. “I’m above that” they plead.

Sure… You’re the one and only drunk pulling it off. Ok, Karen. But beyond this was a bigger tragedy unspoken: No one challenged this family member straight; we let the ignorance drift unrestrained for decades. And there it still hovers, floating scared through the ether useless; an opportunity lost forever.

A common characteristic of any Karen is surrounding themselves by people who believe their bullshit without challenge: enablers, in place by choice or through social hierarchies (like work). It becomes our responsibility to speak up against this system of delusion. Even if it means whistleblowing the enablers involved. These will be people you trust and love and have to work with, losing integrity in front of your very eyes with every hour of therapy had.

The irony of ignorance: Being ignorant to ignorance.

The phenom of ignorance is anyone ignorant won’t know their own ignorance. Else it wouldn’t be ignorance. Notice, really smart people (usually) don’t talk about their intellect. Instead, they humble themselves into understanding how little they do know, comprehending that true intellect comes not through knowledge inherently, but through not knowing knowledge at all, and within this inverse divide, having the ability to resource tools and knowledge tangibly into solutions we can all touch.

Einstein without a pen, is just another dreamer lost.

The issues that arise in respect to ignorance in mental health relates directly to everyone on Earth having an opinion about how to properly conduct a life. We American’s are especially proud of our materialistic wins. Why not. But the dissonance between brain and perceived “health” can be astounding to witness 3rd world, bordering insanity.

I’ve had grown men who haven’t seen their penis in 6 years unknowingly talk down to me with life-advice not fit for a sumo wrestler in rehab; all the tricks they use to fool themselves into deluded equilibrium, shared on a whimsical lunch break post capitalism hearing “bipolar” in passing over a smoke. “My cousin has bipolar”, they say in confident exhale.

Speaking up when never asked. The money they make, and how it all somehow matters. The hobbies they piss with. The properties they own. How cool they stay… calm, and collected in the face of stress, all while helplessly surrounded by complete catastrophic living enabled to ignore. The people they fuck and the great work they produce. And of course, the therapy they all refuse to take.

Meanwhile, while their fascinating technicolor dream coat blinds you bedazzled, their white knuckled nonsense only gets superseded by their ego-white waist belts, both bursting at the ignorant seems for relief: “Someone please, challenge my bullshit.” you hear. And you will stand there completely mad, angry at life’s ugly contrast… growing crazier one loving failure at a time.

Everyone will speak up with ignorant advice.

When you wander life openly struggling with mental health, choice or not, everyone and their mother will speak up with ignorant advice. “Have you tried baking when you’re anxious”; “You know what helps me: a bath!”, “I like to go for a walk when I’m cranky”; “Have you tried Vitamin D? Maybe you aren’t getting enough sun”… and my personal favorite: “I’ve never had mental health or addiction issues. I’m so sorry for you” while drunk in between Adderall and vape pens.

Or watch obesity be scapegoated out of mental health entirely, by the same people you called love. Indeed, your 10,000 hours of therapy will inevitably help you grow, while painfully revealing the stark contrast between this growth and the very broken quagmire all of humanity wades within.

All under the guise of “trying to help”

These people will speak toward your mental illness and daily lives with complete disregard. They will rob you of human rights and basic liberties without second thought. They will steal handguns and hide knives. They will stand above you, despite being below. They will recommend medicines they’ve never heard of or taken. They will speak to your regiments without acknowledging their own. And they will eat themselves humongous while doing it, all while getting filthy rich claiming the ignorance is yours.

Sure, they will be very wrong. But life isn’t about being right. It’s about sharing love as we all do it wrong. But as ignorance goes, your choice will be twofold: address this futile ignorance direct, or evade it and stand alone. Regardless, either reaction is demeaning, belittling, emasculating and utterly isolating. With this vast emotional growth, comes dark emotional failure whittling away the wooden shell of self. Tread carefully.

Conclusion: A significant therapy risk no one ever talks about.

While you might find solace in wrestling your psychiatric demons, others don’t always share this vulnerable sentiment, and some will downright get offended if you ironically overstep. Many of the people you like, love, and trust have spent eons of effort (and thousands of dollars) avoiding, evading, and utterly denying their inner broken selves. Learning this will hurt; a pain you can’t unlearn.

I’ve lost entire families over exactly this; people who see my mental health gymnastics as a direct threat against their time-tested systems of denial. Learning the core failures of how your loved ones tick, is not for the faint of heart. The outcomes are not always positive. Prepare yourself accordingly.

There are no second chances in mental health.

Years of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and psychotherapy have taught me unlearnable pains: not only did I spend a half a lifetime a cunty Karen… so did my family. Denial of which so engrained continues unchallenged to this very day. They’ve bunkered in against atomic bombs. Where we find confrontation, they find complete evasion.

Denials that would make your jaw drop, engrained into the granite-self through years of enabling hammered cowardice. And here you come swooping in like Captain Cognitive in a cape, ready to give advice to everyone else so weak.

“Holier than thou” were my parents last words to me, after I attempted to intervene a 30 year drinking problem… Their response: “What drinking?” followed by nearly 2 years of radio silence persistent to this very lonely day.

Good luck confronting that.

Delusion is a one-way street to death.

Have a Karen loved one? A best friend barking on the edge? A belittling aunt abusing meth? A brother collecting DUIs like Pokemon? *Challenge them. Speak up. Say “no” and ask “why”. Enabling madness is as offensive as ignoring it.

Stoping delusion means confronting it. In an unfortunate landscape of woke “niceties”, this doesn’t always go over well. Tough shit: it’s the social responsibility of us all to fight the ignorance of our own ignorance.

One of the core missions of Catching Karens is to first mouthpiece the many problems in mental health, then move these issues toward real solutions. Successful or not, any discussion controversial or otherwise is a CK win. Don’t agree? Good. Share with us why. And go fuck yourself.

*NEW: Catching Karens Stop Loss Chips; A declaration and dedication to stop falling and begin personal growth.

Catching Karens (CK) does not provide professional or medical advice, only opinions and experiential patient insight. In a mental health crisis? Dial 988 (free 24/7) and visit Suicide and Crisis Lifeline. Medical emergencies Dial 911 (US & Canada)

If you are mentally ill and/or struggling with addiction, or worried about the safety of you or anyone you know, please talk to a mental health professional about the available options. Delusions, suicidal thinking, unwanted thoughts, harmful thinking, or anything else threatening yourself or others is reason for serious concern and requires action, including potential pharmaceutical interventions.

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