I want to articulate something constructive without reducing this to emotional lashing out. But it’s admittedly hard because I’m that offended.

While mental health services have no Hippocratic Oath, they are incentivized professionally to do patients good. Not harm.

And for the most part, this doing good (or trying) is what you see the most. If the goal was to hurt people, there are much easier routes to accomplish this without being a mental health professional. So I truly believe and have seen a sincerity among every mental health professional I’ve ever met. This is good.

What I see on Twitter/X is not always this. Egos get in the way. Reckless statements unabated. No rules or regulations. And worse, zero consequences.

So when you find someone who is clearly prioritizing their own popularity at patient expense, or inconsiderate to patient well being, it is my belief that holding this individual accountable morally and professionally is an important responsibility of industry peers (not patients).

When a patient like myself wakes up to see an attention-hungry “Dr” dismissing mental illness, it breaks my heart. Quickly followed by irate anger. This can cause days of symptomatic discomfort.

What angers me is not the mistakes. It’s how unaccountable these mistakes go. How little power we have as patients. And how patients sometimes get exploited.

This brings me to Mr. McFoolin, who in one passing tweet he probably made while pooping, completely dismissed not only my own life-altering struggles, but everyone else who he has claimed to serve. All for no real patient or practical gain. Sh*t stirring I like to say.

*Mr. McFoolin stated the following quote ignorantly, then completely avoided addressing his many upset “patients”. His words, not mine:

“In the psychiatry model of diagnosing mental illness… a person can get on a plane in the United States w/ a “mental illness” & travel to another country/culture & step off the plane & lose the mental illness… Its (sic) because they are cultural constructs not illnesses”

No proof. No data. No science. Not even proper grammar. Just one man’s passing opinion stirring pots. The fact that this is not only accepted, but celebrated, touches on an industry-wide problem I came here to address: Zero industry accountability, with the patients being the only ones to lose.

Now there’s always the chance I misunderstand the concept he’s trying to convey. In which case, perhaps more carefully stating what you mean is the only problem here. And yet, haphazard tweeting in seek of popularity at patient expense is a huge professional problem impacting us all. With great power comes great responsibility.

If he ruins even one patient day or belittles one diagnosis, he has failed to serve his Oath in very dangerous ways. All at no cost to him. In fact, the controversy makes him get more attention. Something I regret biting on here.

Upon further inspection, you find a man eager to start YouTube channels and podcasts. Eager for followers, all while ignoring patients arguing back. A closed vacuum he dictates alone, zero repercussions. All while proudly boasting his own popularity.

If he is a constructive member of the mental health community people respect, then fair enough. All the more reason to hold him to the high quality standards we deserve. If nothing else, ensuring this Hippocratic Oath is honored. And if it’s not, holding him professionally and socially accountable.

My illness does not go away on plane rides. The notion is absurd. The end game: useless. The incentive: egotistical (imo).

Medical advice over twitter is frowned upon. If not illegal. And yet bashing entire diagnosis in half-baked tweets is OK in mental health.

As a patient struggling to survive on an hourly basis, with a clear before/after brain to compare mental illness too, I do not find such sub par standards helpful.

Any patient-centric service providers more interested in their own popularity over patient care is always questionable. And yet we have no mechanisms in place to police rogue providers.

Maybe he is great and helpful. Maybe I am wrong. But I smell big bullshit.

*Tweet not included + name & handle changed to avoid promotion.

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