(30 sec read) I can delineate a direct relationship between my appetite and mixed-mania. While many other indicators (and precursors) exist, it can be as simple as identifying when significant decrease in hunger occurs, usually sans fatigue.

That said, maintaining a caloric surplus is one of my personal best preventive and reactionary measures for acute mixed-mania of rapid cycling, which can cause multiple shifts in one day, often on a startling dime.

Among these manic cycles are smaller cycles. I have to track them all like little chaos waves in a stark black sea. What can be really dangerous are the compounding frequencies of these waves, which can situationally align to create large rogue waves of mania packing triple the punch arising out of nowhere.

Indeed, managing rapid cycling mixed mania (bipolar type 2) is like training for the olympics every single day of your life, without audience or obvious reward. Between trauma and mania, the alligators wrestled before breakfast can feel like surviving a tsunami just in time.

Sitting at the table chewing eggs, I decide to share or hide it all. An exhausting feat either way. Behind every flailing mental illness is a loved one asking “why”, heart held high. It’s an ugly dance. Hats off to all out there pulling this off. Just another day. We got this 🙃

Disclaimer: food is not a replacement for meds. Talk to a professional about how meds can help some people

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