(45 sec read) A close relative of mine runs a BIG “mental health” pop magazine you’ve all heard of. An incident in my life occurred where I needed legal representation (to sue someone) but could not get a lawyer to take me seriously (bipolar), despite many tries.

Simply put: the lawsuit trauma involved would leave me tongue tied manic trying to pitch my case to legal. Long rambling emails and stuttering excited speech. Things like this. Lawyers bailed immediately hearing “mental illness” and seeing rambles. And I mean half a dozen of them – poof gone. Credit card ready to pay thousands. Meanwhile, the mania involved had zero merit on the validity of my case. I’m sick, not stupid.

So I asked my mental health fighting magazine relative if she could kindly just join me in a lawyer pitch to simply jump in whenever I fall manic, nothing else. To my surprise, she flat refused to help me. “I can’t” she claimed.

She meant to say “I won’t”.

My response was blunt “gee… are you actually trying to help mental illness or just out there exploiting it (with your magazine)? PS No legitimate professional on earth quotes a magazine for psych anything.” I don’t say nice things knee deep manic. But I also don’t lie.

This same person went through a nasty divorce she endlessly drug me to court for (as a witness) years prior. I was there for her during her time of need, yet come my time she was nowhere for me. This happens often in mental illness. Prepare to have people fail you. Your life may someday depend on this independent solitude, unfortunately.

We never spoke again.

Point being, sometimes it’s the loudest most outwardly vocal “supporters” who fail to help mental illness push come to shove boots on ground clapping mad. Yet they have no problem virtue signaling and/or getting filthy rich off mental illness experiences they have no part in. The contradiction is omnipresent and 💔 I never forgave this person.

The dismissal in mental illness far exceeds the illness itself imo. And it’s abundantly present everywhere (for me).

Need a lawyer while manic? Good f#cking luck. Better to find someone who can find you a lawyer indirectly. Reveal mental illness as a last resort.

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