Mood disorders aren’t always a difference of emotional spectrum… It’s the inappropriateness of emotional occurrence.

“We all have emotional ups & downs” you’ll ignorantly hear.

Yeah? We all have orgasms too (hopefully).

Now imagine having them spontaneously pumping gas, or taking tests & giving presentations.

A normal pleasant experience suddenly jeopardizes all.

Wrong place wrong time: “Please no, not again”.

The repercussions of always-askew grows eternally exhausting.

Compensating perpetual imbalance fatigues the senses.

Seek you search sea-bound equilibrium without a sea.

Fuck, seasick again? God must hate me.

The only predictability becomes the unpredictability.

Your own self fails self – Piles up like bags of garbage.

Let the madness begin until it all grows toxic.

Or has it never stopped?

Only to see it all relieve like decompressed steam post pressure cook.

A burnt out shell of a tired self up on shelves like soggy ham.

Failure stacked like broken trophies no one wins.

Hold the applause: You cross this finish line all alone.

Only God’s thunder claps here.

If the thunder doesn’t get you then the lighting will.

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