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I seek book, article & guest blogging opportunities, including topics outside my niche.

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Establishing a zeitgeist-based narrative was goal #1 (achieved). My narrative is ready to publish.

My concepts challenge a flailing mental health industry constructively. You can see my MH goals here.

The following articles offer insight into my writing style in polished form:

  1. Renaming Twitter X; Why Branding the Alphabet is Offensive & Destined to Fail
  2. The Fatigue of Falling Crazy; How to Find Success in Failure
  3. A Love Letter To: I Can
  4. The Irony of Ignorance in Mental Health; When Therapeutic Growth Causes Interpersonal Pain
  5. Busting Psychiatric Myths
  6. 10 Topics Never to Tell Your Psychiatrist
  7. The Madness of Sobriety is the Sobriety of Madness

Note: 90% of my blogs are unpolished concepts in draft form. This page is not a manuscript, but insight into my writing potential.