(30 sec read) I went through puberty on acid, literally. It was cheaper (and easier) than beer. It was also mind blowing. I later navigated the edge of madness completely sober bipolar (without delusion).

Similar manic energy was present in both forces. But isn’t it funny how we all love hearing those “hero dose” stories of enlightened thought. Yet come Mr. Crazy rambling on razors edge seeing stars all natural and we pucker up concerned. Those hero doses sure look a lot like madness to me. I guess quasi-controlled psychosis trumps sporadically erratic madness.

We seem to applaud chemical explorations while negating naturally occurring crazy. Sometimes the sparkling diamonds lie behind the same jaded rough (finding success in failure). How you get there is up to you. Shine on you crazy diamond (PF)

Don’t do drugs (irresponsibly). Addiction sucks.

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