Stop-Loss Chip | Anonymous Intervention & Self Growth

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[FREE Chip w/Coupon Code MIZZSTIK] Have a Karen in your life falling? Concerned but afraid to speak up? Now you can anonymously mail CK Stop Loss Chips to anyone you want, along with custom personal message! Share your concerns discretely or directly, or declare your own dedication to growth.

Interventions are weird. Why not have fun doing it without risking your job or identity. Changing a life (for good) is priceless. Chips include a male & female side.

  • *Custom message (500 words)
  • FREE shipping
  • FREE Air Tight Chip Holder
  • High quality clay chips
  • Color HD printing (no stickers)
  • Made in USA
  • Diameter: 40mm
  • Printable Area: 33.25mm
  • Thickness: 3.35mm
  • Weight: 12 grams

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Confronting someone flailing in emotional falling can be tricky and awkward for everyone involved, even perceived offensive. As warranted as advice and intervention may be, speaking up can lead to irrationally defensive responses, even risk relationships and jobs. This chip offers a chance to discretely whisper in someones ear “Pssstt… Time for some change”.

Acknowledging we are struggling is hard, but always the first step to conquering any problem: admitting it exists. This chip is that recognition, a symbol for positive human growth. A catalyst and marker for quality change.

Maybe it’s a loving member of your family or best friend from school. Or an old landlord losing their way. Friends, family members, coworkers and foes alike all play a role in our shared lives. It behooves us to improve the people around us, ourselves included. The betterment of humanity as a whole depends on it. This chip symbolizes that first step: recognizing a problem exists.

As a recovering Karen & a recovering addict, CK’s founder noticed “sobriety” still fraught with a**holes. The underlying psyche behind addiction often still flailed falling, seemingly unaddressed and unaccounted. Sobriety chips are everywhere… but being a better person is more than just not drinking. This chip addresses exactly that. A recovering asshole-olic chip, if you will.

Stop-Loss = A financial term relating to selling a security/commodity to limit a loss.

*Disclaimer: Chips are mailed anonymously from a WA location. Your information will NEVER be included, unless you want it. Messages are not required but encouraged: 500 words max (longer messages available by request: DM @mizzstik). Catching Karens will not participate in hate crimes or racism, though curse words and hilarity are fine (encouraged). The chip lightens confrontation, but is not a tool for harm. Messages will be assessed by AI for yay or nay approval. Otherwise NO censorship will occur. Exposing affairs & criminal activity will be denied, simply to avoid retaliatory response (sorry). Limited to one (1) chip per purchase; multiple chips require additional purchasing. Contact for custom orders. Message will be printed and included with chip (fit to size). Ship within USA only.


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