Time to pop bubbles: In the coming weeks, I will be publishing a full written business plan for mental health (MH) providers blueprinting hybrid private/insurance models w/financials & various creative solutions therapists can template.

It will be as if I am opening a practice myself, top-to-bottom complete with real market values & actual office space rentals.

Goal being: encouraging & empowering mental health small business success & enable accepting insurance.

I’ll be using my local community small business center services to help construct & professionally peer review the plan, in addition to offering public/pro feedback for limitations.

I again believe/know the fundamental issue at play here is not low insurance, but an inability to consider mental health practice as the dynamic small business it is.

Independent contractors do not work a job, they run a business. If you opened a MH practice & never wrote a business plan, that’s a huge problem & an inexcusable oversight.

It also harms providers who took the fall for everyone by offering insurance despite lower margins & peer reflexes.

Currently, it’s far too easy for MH professionals to blame poor profits & failing business models on insurance providers alone; at the sole cost of patients/peers in dire need.

It’s just never that simple. We need to remove this excuse entirely if we ever want succeed here.

Give humanity an out & humanity will take that out; therapists are no exception; survival is selfish, of which we are all guilty.

If you did write a business plan & could still not establish profit margins among insurance (despite trying), I have respect for these attempts.

If you never even bothered to write a plan or creatively try, but instead leaned on this busted industry narrative blaming insurances for your failures, I have trouble respecting this. Respectfully 🙃

It’s like the teacher telling the kids the dog ate their homework. Then telling the kids to catch this dog & make it vomit.

Biz plan hopefully enables creative brainstorming among MH professionals claiming “I can’t”.

Often times “I can’t” really means “I won’t”.

Tough love is tough love. I respect the work MH providers do and am here flailing because I care and see great value/need in MH services.

But I am horribly frustrated at the cultural narratives currently excusing inadequacy. I hate excuses more than I hate dismissal. I hate watching ignored suffering.

Sound like a broken record? Exactly how I feel hearing “insurance doesn’t pay us enough”.

Peace & love, peace & love.

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