(30 sec read) True story: rocket ship fight-or-flight one hypomanic morning dog walk I randomly stepped on a literal firecracker and thought I exploded.

But here’s the kicker: everyone else (dogs included) jumped back five feet frightened. Yet my heart & skin didn’t skip a single beat. No jump scare; Not a wink or a blink responded. On I walked completely unfazed, business as bipolar usual.

Why no reaction? I was already walking so utterly mind-popped the panic-shift didn’t even move my manic needle. My psyche didn’t notice the explosion; Internal combustion already firing pistons hot.

Wondering what it’s like to street-beat boots bipolar? Have someone hide a firecracker under your toilet seat rando style, no warning or notice. Multiple times a day unsuspectingly.

BAM! That feeling you get post-pop that might last 5 seconds fading fast? Yeah, it’s like that inside my mind all day long hypomanic minus the fade. Burning double-sided candles days on end. Until I tucker out exhausted like a bear fighting forest fires.

The fire-breathing dragon that is rapid cycling madness spares nothing. Wrestling alligator worlds bipolar all before breakfast.

SOP = Standard Operating Procedure; aka your normal.

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