A Non-Woke Approach Dedicated to Catching Everyone Out There Falling Almost Crazy

Millions of people slip through the cracks of madness every single day silent. This website explores the catastrophe that is modern mental health and mouth-pieces the perils of what it's like to fall through life almost crazy.

"No great mind has ever existed without a touch of madness."

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Mental Health is Broken

In theory, psychiatry and therapy services have never been more advanced. In practice, both industries fall dangerously short completely detached from patients short and long term. The maddening lack of unbiased data in psychiatry is a real problem; a professional vacuum void of feedback no one talks about. Patients need their voice back. Catching Karens is that voice.

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CK's mission: define the Karen in us all while articulating the many problems drifting unaddressed in modern mental health to create tangible industry solutions people can depend on. The goal: make therapy & psychiatry an objective, peer-reviewed, data-driven, patient-centric science free of the loose qualitative subjectivity it’s fraught with now. Growth Tomorrow Starts Today

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Have a Karen in your life falling? Concerned but afraid to speak up? Anonymously mail CK Stop Loss Chips to anyone you want, along with a custom personal message! Share your concerns discretely or directly, or declare your own dedication to growth.

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Where It All Began: Karen-0

It all started with wind chimes one rainy Colorado summer day in May: A power-tripping property manager participated in nearly having me arrested... twice. Including criminally trespassing my own paid rental areas (video). Coincidentally, I had just critiqued Karen's awful work mere days prior and caught a lie; Accountability is Karenian Kryptonite.

I was forced to publicly explain my innocence and private mental health to two FC police officers in front of entire apt complexes, neighbors, and friends humiliatingly for hours; A nice Bucking Horse thank-you $20k later; and a huge Karenian win. I was not arrested. CK addresses exactly this: flailing ignorance & broken mental health.

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Drug Abuse & Addiction in Psychiatric Medicine 💥 Busting Myths

By Mizzstik | December 12, 2023

Anyone who’s ever been prescribed a controlled substance knows the dance all too well: the red tape in psychiatric medicine is a poorly implemented, short-sighted formality at best. At worst, […]

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The Dangers of Diagnosing High Functioning Madness ❤️‍🩹 A Letter to My First Therapist

By Mizzstik | December 5, 2023

Preface: I was diagnosed by a single psychologist 5 years ago at the ripe age of mid-30’s. This letter was sent to this therapist following hundreds of hours of mental […]

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Bucking Horse Apartments, Fort Collins Colorado Entrance Sign stamped by Catching Karens

A Bucking Horse Apartments Exposé 🚔 When a “Luxury” Apt Falls Dangerously Short (Fort Collins, CO)

By Mizzstik | December 1, 2023

Fort Collins, Colorado: This post outlines the failures of mediocre management, why living here might not be the best idea, and why Bucking Horse Apartments might delete your Google review […]

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Managing Bipolar is like training for the Olympics Every Single Day of Your Life

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

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