A Non-Woke Approach Dedicated to Catching Everyone Out There Falling Almost Crazy

Millions of people slip through the cracks of madness every single day silent. This website explores the catastrophe that is modern mental health and mouth-pieces the perils of what it's like to fall through life almost crazy.

"No great mind has ever existed without a touch of madness."

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Mental Health is Broken

In theory, psychiatry and therapy services have never been more advanced. In practice, both industries fall dangerously short completely detached from patients short and long term. The maddening lack of unbiased data in psychiatry is a real problem; a professional vacuum void of feedback no one talks about. Patients need their voice back. Catching Karens is that voice.

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CK's mission: define the Karen in us all while articulating the many problems drifting unaddressed in modern mental health to create tangible industry solutions people can depend on. The goal: make therapy & psychiatry an objective, peer-reviewed, data-driven, patient-centric science free of the loose qualitative subjectivity it’s fraught with now. Growth Tomorrow Starts Today

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Have a Karen in your life falling? Concerned but afraid to speak up? Anonymously mail CK Stop Loss Chips to anyone you want, along with a custom personal message! Share your concerns discretely or directly, or declare your own dedication to growth.

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Where It All Began: Karen-0

It all started with wind chimes one rainy Colorado summer day in May: A power-tripping property manager participated in nearly having me arrested... twice. Including criminally trespassing my own paid rental areas (video). Coincidentally, I had just critiqued Karen's awful work mere days prior and caught a lie; Accountability is Karenian Kryptonite.

I was forced to publicly explain my innocence and private mental health to two FC police officers in front of entire apt complexes, neighbors, and friends humiliatingly for hours; A nice Bucking Horse thank-you $20k later; and a huge Karenian win. I was not arrested. CK addresses exactly this: flailing ignorance & broken mental health.

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Fortune Cookie Therapy; The Negativity of Toxic Positivity

By Mizzstik | March 10, 2024

It both fascinates & concerns me how little failure is discussed in mental health services. How every mental health professional on twitter isn’t urgently discussing how to fix a palatably […]

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Lyrical Analysis; Periodic Table of Hip Hop & Country Music

By Mizzstik | March 9, 2024

What happens when you add up and compare 500 hip hop & 500 country music lyrics from top-charted US songs spanning decades? You get the worlds first Periodic Tables of […]

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(AI) a bearded tattered man in the center of a group of well dressed people who are pointing at him in blame. The man in the center has wild vibrant multicolored hair and a cold look. Generated by DALL-E 3

Breaking Broken Narratives; Managing Therapy Expectations & Risk Culturally

By Mizzstik | March 7, 2024

While pro mental health services, I am convinced therapy/diagnosis inadvertently caused a lot of my stigma-related problems, including my own dismissal. Constantly ruminating over my own fragility & failures degraded […]

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When Failure Fails to Fail You; Nothing Left to Lose

By Mizzstik | February 27, 2024

This is my third business. Two of which have failed. I lost all my money. I lost my home. I lost a fitness studio to covid. I lost my entire […]

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CKs Mission & Goals for Mental Health: Peer Review for Transparent Treatment

By Mizzstik | February 25, 2024

CKs mental health (MH) goals are simple: The end goal even simpler: Make therapy & psychiatry an objective, peer-reviewed, data-driven, patient-centric, evolvable science free of the loose, closed-door, qualitative subjectivity […]

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(AI) a photorealistic image of a can-shaped person with wild eyes and long vibrant multicolored hair being kicked down a road by a psychiatrists. Generated by DALL-E 3

Kicking the Patient Can; Clinicians Evading Treatment Failure

By Mizzstik | February 24, 2024

A tweet-eager MD postured the controversial argument below that “treatment-resistant mental illness” be replaced with “in need of referral to another clinician”. I advocate being weary of Dr. Palmer’s sentiment, […]

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Evading Narcissistic Victim-Flipping; Interpersonal Stuck Sheets

By Mizzstik | February 24, 2024

When I find myself in an interpersonal conundrum, specifically when someone who hurts me attempts to back peddle, blame and evade accountability all while trying to spin themselves into the […]

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(AI) a white coated doctor on a pedestal speaking to a huge crowed of patients below him. The patients all have wild vibrant multicolored hair indicating mental health issues. Generated by DALL-E 3

The Hippocratic Oath of Hypocritical Harm in Psych

By Mizzstik | February 23, 2024

I want to articulate something constructive without reducing this to emotional lashing out. But it’s admittedly hard because I’m that offended. While mental health services have no Hippocratic Oath, they […]

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The Tragedy of Tribal; Group Think Dismissal

By Mizzstik | February 23, 2024

(1 min read) Sometimes I unfollow people on Twitter/X I like and respect simply to avoid the urge to respond, which avoids the risk of being dismissed. Same reason I […]

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(AI) An artistic rendition of a persons head while holding their hands to their face. The person and the background are swirls of psychedelic colors and patterns. His eyes are blue and stare cold. Generated by DALL-E 3

2 Sobering Bipolar Stats 😵 The Maddening Lack of Unbiased Data in Psychiatrics

By Mizzstik | February 22, 2024

Any human endeavor reveals a plethora of life-advice. Like ducks, most of this wisdom rolls off our repellant backs unheeded. But every once in a blue-mad-moon a sliver of knowledge […]

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Building Business Bipolar; The Fragility of Vulnerability

By Mizzstik | February 22, 2024

Building business bipolar ain’t for the faint of heart: the reality of intermittent madness & trauma lies a vulnerability unrelentingly real. I sent the following heartfelt email to my #1 […]

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Evading Feedback; When Patient Voice = Provider Risk

By Mizzstik | February 21, 2024

Notice how difficult giving medical & mental health providers feedback can be. No easy mediums for comments. Know that this is 100% not an accident. You see, they could offer […]

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Pop Rock Brain; When Fight-or-Flight is SOP

By Mizzstik | February 20, 2024

(30 sec read) True story: rocket ship fight-or-flight one hypomanic morning dog walk I randomly stepped on a literal firecracker and thought I exploded. But here’s the kicker: everyone else […]

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(AI) a photorealistic image of a wild eyed eagerly grinning man having two personalities merging into 1. As if this same man is made of two people, one half being calm collective and healthy smiling with normal hair while the other half in contrast being scared nervous and crazy with vibrant multicolored hair frowning. Generated by DALL-E 3

Hypomanic Fight-or-Flight; Fake it Till You Make it

By Mizzstik | February 20, 2024

(30 sec read) Sometimes managing (hypo)mania is not exclusively left to internal feelings. I can also mitigate risk simply by adjusting the externals. Ex: What I say, when I say, […]

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(AI) a photorealistic image of Albert Einstein similar to the classic tongue sticking out photo with less tongue involved. His mustache is grey and his grey hair wild and vibrantly multicolored. His eyes are bright green and expression comical or silly. Generated by DALL-E 3

Correlating Cowardice; Mental Health Lessons From Einstein

By Mizzstik | February 18, 2024

Einstein quotes that apply to the cowardice that is enabling/evading family mental health & addiction: Of course, Einstein wasn’t speaking about mental health or addiction. But for anyone raised in […]

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(AI) a photorealistic image of a wild eyed eagerly screaming caucasian man with tattoos wrestling a snapping alligator shirtless. Generated by DALL-E 3

Wrestling Alligators Bipolar; Suffering Rapid Cycling Symptoms

By Mizzstik | February 18, 2024

(30 sec read) Managing rapid cycling bipolar II is like wrestling alligators 24/7: You roll relentlessly in the mud, always see teeth, and sometimes get bit. The winner can be […]

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(AI) a photorealistic image of a child boy with vibrant multicolored hair holding a mirror up to his befuddled father wearing the same mask and multicolored hair. Generated by DALl-E 3

Parental Conundrums; Raising Your Own Archnemesis

By Mizzstik | February 18, 2024

(10 sec read) Sometimes parents can accidentally raise their own archnemesis. By teaching their own kids what they ideally want to be (vs what they actually are) kids can grow […]

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(AI) A photorealistic image of a wild eyed eagerly grinning caucasian man with vibrant multicolored hair standing among a horribly burning bridge with burning cars all around him. Generated by DALL-E 3

The Heartache of Heartbreak; Burning Bridges Bipolar

By Mizzstik | February 17, 2024

One of life’s heartaches meandering through mood disorders (like bipolar) is an interpersonal reality-pill hard to swallow: at some point during the lifespan of any given relationship, a social casualty […]

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(AI) a psychedelic interpretation of a manic episode using using vibrant colors and a train on tracks going up and down through the swirls of colors. Has a water color feel. Generated by DALL-E 3

Bipolar Sans Psychosis; Defining Hypomanic & Mixed Manic Episodes

By Mizzstik | February 15, 2024

Mania is a convenient go-to word prevalent in pop culture but problematic when blanketed socially, particularly in respect to psychosis and its potential to undermine patient integrity. My own providers […]

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(AI) An image showing an old twitter bird log in light blue wearing a black baseball cap with the letter

Renaming Twitter X; Why Branding the Alphabet is Offensive & Destined to Fail

By Mizzstik | February 14, 2024

(opinion) “The bird was freed“. Then the bird was slaughtered. Rebranding Twitter as X is simply not working based on qualitative measures alone. Add in conceptual shortfalls, logistical hiccups, and […]

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Managing Bipolar is like training for the Olympics Every Single Day of Your Life

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