(30 sec read) Dear psychiatrists & med providers, to the arbitrary 3-month waitlist “required for all new patients”: I hope the grocery store stops you at checkout and makes you wait 3 months for your food. New rule for all new shoppers. Sorry.

I am not a new patient, I just moved on short notice. This waitlist has nothing to do with availability and is common nationwide. It’s a sellers market.

Beyond being offensive, this is logistically problematic. Times of transition are some of life’s hardest for people. Having your entire home inside a truck moving can be slightly traumatic. Unsettling, at least. Add a breakup or job loss and its chaos in a box.

My experiences have shown these transitional periods in mental health treatment to be some of the worst and highest risk times. Even preparing for them seems to fall short. Including awkward delays and clunky/slow records sharing. I find myself starting all over every time; no continuity.

Your Customer. Whoops I mean Patient.

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