The only preventive resources mental illness really have are psychiatrists & therapists.

When these industries stop taking insurance, you realize the starkly bleak reality Serious Mental Illness (SMI) faces.

Add to this the vast limitations inherent to mental health services & it gets dire quick.

Med providers are so busy; you may get 30min/week lucky, 30min/month typically. Hardly a prevention.

Leaving one of the only lines of mental illness offense being: therapists.

Which is why I am so persistent arguing for mental health accepting insurance. It’s life or death out here. It really should be mandatory.

From here it’s all half-baked reactionaries: emergency hotlines (988), online resources, ERs, cops & psych wards (NIH).

The former two being very limited & latter three being horrendous “solutions” I hesitate even calling solutions. When SMI needs support the most, their handed train wrecks and/or treated criminally.

This is the current landscape. And it’s awful. It’s also deadly.

Prevention spares more than just SMI; it spares loved ones & the public.

Not accepting insurance proliferates an already bleak scene.

Tracing the reasons mental health providers give for not accepting insurance comes off inexcusable, hence my passion.

(NIH) MH/SMI resources:

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