Self-evaluations make unbiased conclusions impossible.

This self-saving incentive to defend personal/industry integrity = conflict of interest.

Same reason restaurants don’t do their own food inspections.

Impartial honesty requires neutral perspective for fair & accurate assessments.

And the critic is born.

Yet guess who evaluates their own work? Mental health providers.

If we’re lucky.

They act as judge, jury & executioner performing evaluations, quality control & policing… all behind closed doors unchallenged (or not at all).

This makes holding mental health providers accountable hard.

Push come to shove it gets very… slippery; there simply exists no independent authority free of bias & conflicts to enforce.

Managers are incentivized to protect providers as employees.

Providers are incentivized to protect themselves.

Leaving the last voice in a very silent & subjective line: the patients.

This is a problem.

Solution: MH critics, mandatory inspections & real repercussions for failure.

No more industry vacuums allowed 🚫.

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