Fort Collins, Colorado: This post outlines the failures of mediocre management, why living here might not be the best idea, and why Bucking Horse Apartments might delete your Google review too. This is a story about snowballing ignorance, lazy discrimination, and persistent tenant redemption despite… This is a story about catching a *Karen who almost lands you in jail.

**”You’re a troublemaker” were the last words management told me before calling the police. See how this kind, well-paying tenant spent thousands of dollars renting a “luxury” apartment, only to fall from the good graces of loyal dog walker & local business owner, to estranged mentally ill tenant “criminally trespassing” his own rental property, at the powerless direction of a whimsical Karen-driven property manager with an ignorant and authoritative chip. All over wind chimes.

That’s right: wind chimes. I took some down and critiqued the Big Boss for allowing them (no damage). It did not go over well.

Complete with police bodycam (coming soon) & POV footage showing a real life Karen in action, this is a story of catastrophic middle management failing spectacularly at tenant expense.

I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life… taking down wind chimes is not one of them.

If you have never been lectured on the morality of wind chimes by a resentful and entitled middle-aged property manager with a false sense of authority in a the throes of a power trip… it’s not a good feeling. Even more offensive is having your 3-star Google Review deleted from existence tyrannically (read the deleted Google review). Leaving one to wonder: how many other negative Google Reviews has Bucking Horse Apartments deleted?

As unfortunate as this experience was, it stress-tested Bucking Horse Apartments management top to bottom; and a valuable lesson was learned: overzealous management can be downright dangerous, for tenants and owners. They failed miserably in respect to the professional standards you’d hope and expect from a humanitarian-based business in a (wealthy) modern world.

Wind Chimes at Bucking Horse Apartments, Fort Collins, CO
The actual wind chimes I was nearly arrested for (undamaged).

More importantly, this experience defines what it means to be an unhindered Karen completely out of control devoid of checks and balances, and outlines the life-threatening problems Karenian ignorance like this can create for everyone involved, bystanders included.

I told a Karen she was “really bad at her job”. It backfired royally.

It was the first (and last) time I underestimated the ignorance of a power-tripping Karen completely devoid of accountability. My final day of residence, I tried holding a professional meeting with Karen and a coworker to “mediate” discussing the excessive use of police force and how it impacted everyone negatively.

Karen responded (by email) threatening to have me arrested if I stepped foot in her office; uselessly escalating tension. Except I never got her email. So here’s a video of me “Criminally Trespassing” my own rental property while dropping off my keys trying to move out (I was still a paying tenant). Three long days packing plus a year of rent paid… and this was the thanks:

Why was I filming? If you’ve never been accused of evading police by a down-talking Karen on a power trip, then banned from people and public spaces… it’s not a good feeling. Video proof was needed. Moments before this video starts, a very presumptuous Karen hung up on me mid-sentence after accusations and name calling.

Clearly realizing this was some Caucasian nonsense, the police felt sorry for me and even apologized… but ultimately said there was “nothing they could do”, they would have to arrest me for criminal trespassing if Karen decided to press charges. This is a huge Karenian win. And a heartbreaking loss for every tenant on earth.

A Karen will gladly weaponize a police force against you.

“If Karen decides to press charges.” This is the dream-state of every flailing Karen out there; it’s the superiority they drool over. It puts them in control of your fate, completely absent of fact operating on pure bias. You never want a Karen in this position over you. Ever. And it was my own mistake allowing her to get there; a mistake I will never make again.

A Karen hovering an illegitimate and unsubstantiated arrest over you is serious and potentially life threatening. Bias can snowball into mayhem quickly. However, the kind police officers quickly reminded me that an arrest does not mean a guilty court verdict, offering sincere encouragement. I can guarantee, shortsighted Karens almost never understand the judicial system, nor are aware that harsh accusations like criminal trespassing require the burden of proof in court… under oath.

When Karen Censors a Google Review:

The following (very fair) 3-star Google review was deleted by management request after weeks published online:

Google Review for Bucking Horse Apartments Fort Collins Colorado (Deleted by management)
Deleted Google Review by Bucking Horse Apartments

(Google Review Transcript)

3/5 Stars; Deleted ~May 2023:
I took down a neighbor’s wind chimes during a thunderstorm one windy afternoon. When they called Bucking Horse management to complain, Karen actually encouraged my neighbors call the police on me. For wind chimes! (they were 2-3 feet tall and very loud).

Of course, the fine FC police ultimately ignored the issue entirely, only making a brief obligatory visit without speaking to me or returning my calls. When I reminded Karen that police are only for real emergencies, I learned talking to Karen about the mistakes Karen makes does not go over well lol.

Personally, I would question and avoid the leadership of anyone willing to encourage police force for something as petty as wind chimes. They were not damaged. I made 4 literal attempts to take them down by writing.”Karen gave us permission” the wind chime neighbors said.”They are lying” Karen said.

While I may never know who was lying, the discrepancy created a very toxic “he-said-she-said” scenario basic discretion and simple diligence could have avoided. I can only imagine the chaos allowing 300+ units use wind chimes would cause.

Bucking Horse Apartments and staff were great! But the experience (with Karen) completely ruined it for me. I would not live here again if I was paid.

And no… I was never arrested for taking down wind chimes. I maintain a clean, wind chime free record 🙂

Generally speaking, calling the police on your own paying customers is not great business. I ran a web development business from Bucking Horse Apartments for one year with my 18yo cat and newly rescued dog. I offered residents discounted services and cheap dog walking as a 6-year local business owner & community member.

Conclusions & Considerations:

Even if taking down wind chimes is argued as a personal (and preventable) mistake, how Bucking Horse Apartments handled this tenant-mistake was completely inappropriate, needlessly aggravating, unprofessional and offensive. While not proven, being cornered by a Karen into criminally trespassing my own rental areas felt a lot like vindictive entrapment.

Every single decision Bucking Horse Apartments management made exasperated an already tense situation worse, offering no diffusion.

Humans are going to make mistakes in life. When you oversee hundreds of lives as any property manager, it’s important this leadership be sensitive to the humanitarian aspects behind profit margins: people making mistakes. Bucking Horse showed complete intolerance for anyone they don’t approve, and even got vindictive when critiqued. Leaving me to wonder if no management at all would serve tenants better.

NOTE: If you are a BH owner or stakeholder interested in hearing how your leadership failed us both (and the community) without the self-serving bias management attempted at my expense, please contact me to discuss. By the end, Karen called 3 separate paying tenants “liars”, including myself and a married couple with a new baby. Classy.

This article never would have been written had my Google review not been tyrannically deleted.

During my entire correspondence dealing with Bucking Horse Apartments (including corporate), I never cursed, never made threats or insinuations, never called names, never harmed people or property, and never once even raised my voice or demeanor.

*”Karen” is a fake name. Karen aside, ALL Bucking Horse Apartments staff were fantastic to work and live with (I befriended many). But it’s really hard to overlook almost going to jail, particularly after spending so many thousands.

**I am not a troublemaker.

Bucking Horse not only charged me full rent and common area fees while I was banned a criminal trespasser, they overcharged me! I had to request a refund weeks later. Was it another intentional jab? Hmm…

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