A legal reckoning is on the horizon for mental health services.

After assessing the mental health (MH) industry’s atrocious integrity, I predict a slew of lawsuits will spill out against providers as practices & failures become increasingly transparent.

This will lead to industry accountability protocols internally enforced merely to prevent lawsuit (financial loss), much like what medicine has already seen.

Loss prevention is one of the few incentives profit-driven business models entertain absent of accountability.

Unfortunately, it’s going to take legal action to get mental health providers to become self-accountable. There simply exist no incentives to induce this change naturally, as providers have grown very accustom to giving life altering advice completely risk free.

You can see this lackadaisical approach by MH providers on Twitter alone; qualitative statements made passively are abundant; as is their tendency to make their own bias-driven self assessments so leisurely.

Mental health services will emulate what’s already happened in medicine. As usual, it is archaically 100 steps behind, as is their “sloppy science”.

The truth hurts.

I think a category of lawyers will arise specifically for this, if they haven’t already.

Operating inside vacuums void of peer review & accountability goes against all foundations fundamental to science & healthcare.

Yet it’s the MO of MH.

Until we get there, & even after we get there, mental health services will continue to hurt people among those they try to help. We can’t expect them to be perfect, but we can demand accountability for their failures. Goal being: less failures.

Like someone haphazardly giving CPR without certification, this eventually became a punishable offense legally.

Intent to help does not negate acts of harm & neglect.

We need similar sentiments in mental health, else half-baked providers will continue to crack metaphoric life-ribs trying to give damaging/overreaching/poor advice they had no right giving.

This will help create critical hesitation amongst cavalier providers who currently operate independently.

And this prediction I make doesn’t even include the gender madness happening to our children. This reckoning will be much worse as others long before me have already argued.

I find the whole landscape dangerously shameful & am personally avoiding all mental health services until they sort this hogwash out. Unfortunately for me, the damage done to my own life is too late. I have to live with it eternally.

I used to recommend therapy to everyone as “it can’t hurt”.

Boy was I wrong.

**I no longer recommend it to anyone (harm aside) unless they can first educate themselves fluently in therapy risks before starting care, & even then carefully police their own treatment; all of which is a huge ask for any patient or client trying simply to better their life.

Personally, I’d get some self-help books and call it a day.

**Exceptions being suicide: I still think any care/therapy no matter how poor is much better than none or bad therapy when it comes to hopelessness & self harm. So please talk to a MH provider if you feel harm to yourself and/or others. There are also emergency hotlines like 988 to help with this. Please use them!

I am not a MH professional. I am not giving medical or psychiatric advice.

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