True story:

A girlfriend I shared lease with told my landlord I had bipolar.

It was a cordial breakup turned lethal.

She broke our lease & took my house & dog.

Negotiating 1 more month the landlord told me “No, I don’t want you here, you might damage the house (bipolar). Get out.”

I’m not kidding. The fool thought me Bruce Banner.

I got 25 days notice to evict my home, then charged a full months rent as penalty for “breaking my lease” + lost deposit.

Colorado law requires 30 days. I was illegally evicted by discrimination.

I was suddenly homeless strapped for cash.

3 words were eternally learned that day:


I’ve never broken anything in any home. I never missed rent or lost deposit. I’ve never hurt anyone or even screamed. I’m just a good dude with a sometimes busted brain.

Mental illness found my landlord’s ignorance that day, not mine… and it was his ignorance that almost killed me.

2 therapists & a psych never thought to tell my gf “maybe keep this shit secret: stigma kills”.

In trying to find emotional support gf told 8 people I was bipolar, including clients & our friends.

They all no longer speak to me. Excommunicated without a cross.

She thought she was helping.

She wasn’t.

She was destroying my every fiber of dignity; crippling my manhood without good cause; handing strangers ammunition to kill me.

And kill me they did.

I died that day & never recovered.

I never told a single sole I was bipolar. She did it all for me, never bothering to ask permission.

“Get a lawyer & sue the landlord” right?

I tried.

God did I try.

7 in total Amex Platinum in hand.

They fled like cockroaches under spotlight.

You try hiring a lawyer bipolar & homeless… I dare you.

Good fucking luck.

The aloof recklessness by which everyone handled my diagnosis was a wildfire I never got to light, let alone prepare for or fight.

I got publicly burned alive instead; humiliated. Obliterated.

The MH professionals aloofly participated in my destruction by haphazardly omitting due diligent details: MH 101 failed epically.

They happily handed out diagnosis proud, without once mentioning the risks let alone the deadly stigma.

I was 35 doing just fine; a self taught coder slaughtering life.

Readers beware: Nothing good ever comes from sharing MH diagnosis. So don’t do it.

I sacrifice it here simply cuz I have no ego left to burn; a shell of my former self I stand shaking angry.

Literally shaking.

For God’s sake other people’s MH is not anyone’s to share. So don’t. Ever. Share.

I almost couldn’t write this, I get that 💔 just trying to recite the story.

The anger consumes me.

This tweet will cost me 3hrs of fight-or-flight; physiological pain reliving disgusting trauma.


Nothing in MI is fair.

MH professionals had no right to sabotage my dignity so causally void of repercussions.

I thought privacy in MH was obvious. My gf thought she was seeking support. A shred of due diligence would have spared me 3 lifetimes of pain.

Landlords can be the worst personalities; they operated in vacuums void of accountability; much like MH providers:

Just their rules & the door.

Beware… it gets reckless out there.

Stigma isn’t deadly… deadly would have been relief.

Stigma is a relentless torture snaking through tall dry grass hunting for blood.

It’s not your ignorance that kills you, it’s everyone else’s.

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