Advocacy is a more-the-merrier effort, unless the goal is Self.

Too often causes get used to advocate Self, vs using Self to advocate causes.

This makes social media collaborations hard.

There is no “i” in advocacy.

Narcissistic advocacy still has value; as causes can get piggyback-lucky.

It just lacks that team-driven synergy solutions need. Though still better than no advocacy at all.

I’m no saint – calling myself out here.

Egos get a bad rap. They can be a great impetus for kinetic change. But they inevitably get in the way.

I am getting in my way.

Social media doesn’t do good things for my brain (or goals).

Catching Karens (CK) is stepping away to reground purpose & regroup intent.

I fear I’m wasting energy I can’t spare… uselessly.

The plan is to quiet-quit Twitter & leverage CKs catalog for more effectively advocacy.

Twitter was never the end goal, yet somehow it starts to feel exactly that: a weasel that needles in.

Ego-molting for stronger skin. A few days to weeks should work well.

Much love friends. Keep fighting that good fight.

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