It both fascinates & concerns me how little failure is discussed in mental health services.

How every mental health professional on twitter isn’t urgently discussing how to fix a palatably broken industry baffles me.

Instead, what I see are very confident confirmations tweeted often without proper context to either the solutions or their respective failures. Similar sentiment occurs in person.

I call this: “Fortune-cookie therapy”, Where everything is always grossly oversimplified & positively OK.

This overzealous toxic positivity contributes to what I see as a broken industry narrative impacting not only patients, but patient loved ones and even providers themselves bordering on denial/delusion.

In order to address problems, we have to discuss these problems even exist.

There are so many issues. People are dying slipping through these cracks. No exaggeration needed.

In response to this, I aim to include routine (research based) posts addressing various failures the industry seems to sweep under rugs.

aka “The Daily Dig”.

While fixing mental health is not a patient responsibility, it is a patient benefit. We have to sometimes step up where providers step down.

To my mental health provider audience, please know the goal is never useless attacks but instead constructive awareness.

CK is a place of good. Even as we point out the bad.

Fortune Cookie Therapy: (slang) The tendency for mental health providers to give grossly oversimplified and naively positive therapy advice often in passing or over social media without full context of risks, limitations and failures; A form of toxic positivity where providers insinuate everything will always be OK or better. Includes therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists & life coaches/motivating speakers. (CK Glossary)

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