(30 sec read) In my experience, everyone “supports” mental health until this mental health calls them a “c#nt”. It quickly grows contentious.

As someone who has a filter-illness (bipolar type 2), my biggest catastrophic moments are things I say (to people) and instantly regret. Not one person has ever been above these interpersonal treasons, perhaps rightfully so.

This includes every therapist, psychiatrist, friend and lover I’ve ever had. Insult or offend them, and they’re in 3rd grade again just like you. Then it’s dog eat dog just like everything else.

“She” is one exception 😘, which I am forever grateful for having. Everyone in mental illness eventually gets bit, partners run the ringer. The biggest 💔 of all.

Accountability is no free lunch, ever. They still deserve the “sorry”. But it can feel maddening, like you’re trapped inside your own self dichotomously. Vouching for a failing friend you never liked.

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