Notice how difficult giving medical & mental health providers feedback can be. No easy mediums for comments.

Know that this is 100% not an accident.

You see, they could offer patients a voice. Or they could just… not and keep moving. By not empowering patients to speak, they can never be held accountable. While this sounds diabolical, the threats are much more nuanced.

To give patients this power is to give themselves risk. Business hates risk. And mental health is one big business. Managing feedback also takes a lot of time and resources, another inverse incentive.

Notice the portals you communicate to health professionals with are small and cumbersome, usually limiting word count to a paragraph hard to use. UX/UI just awful.

Again, not an accident (I build websites for a living). This means any actual incident requiring a full writeup immediately comes off overzealous, as you have to piecemeal this feedback like a feverish Frankenstein. If you can even leave feedback at all.

Surveys? Good luck.

Public Google reviews are not an appropriate solution for patient feedback. Unless going personally public is your goal.

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