Another example of the problematic subjectivity found in mental health treatments occurred on Twitter from a prominent tweet-eager MD with nearly 100k followers (Chris Palmer, MD). I countered his casually cavalier tweet with the response seen below Chris’ tweet. Enjoy:

More casually cavalier mental health advice from our fine twitter doctors (sarcasm)

My response:

The fact that any treatment conclusion can be this subjectively decided (or undecided) is a huge problem in itself.

You are openly admitting there is no definitive mechanism by which to achieve treatment resistant MI at all; the whole conclusion depends wildly on someone’s sole opinion. Confusing resistance with “maybe a new clinician will work” means the distinction is fuzzily established.

That’s some sketchy science.

Perhaps better defining what it means to achieve treatment-resistance would help clarify conclusions better, so it isn’t so wish-washy to determine in the first place.

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