Psychiatrists, therapists (& patients): I challenge you to ask one simple insightfully professional question: consider the last time someone checked your work/treatment. Real, constructive, unbiased, concise, intentional, independent, healthy peer review for the quality control of your professional decision making process, including actual case studies and transcripts.

Patients, consider the last time you spot checked your treatment plan independently, diagnosis included. Two people in a quiet room agreeing subjectively alone is not inherently accurate or precise, it’s affirmation. This can lead to bias drift over time.

The scientific method does not allow perpetual self evaluations alone. Outside review is required, frequently. Yet I have never seen one practitioner do exactly this in any systematic manner in my 20 years of treatment.

Even when the foul-whistle gets blown, it’s still just one-on-one under a lonely treatment-ether unwatched.

Don’t operate in a vacuum professionally (or in life). If your employers/providers don’t require peer review, you still can (as provider/patient).

Worried about HIPAA? Jon Doe the data and move on. Seek accountability even when none’s required. Patient lives depend on accurate guidance, as do the people whose lives patients touch. Never assume you always do it right.

Cross check your treatment as much as feasible, as provider and as patient. It’s just good data and smart science

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