(30 sec read) Never underestimate a Karens willingness to weaponize police forces against you. Cornering a karen with accountability feels great and is always well deserved, but accountability is their literal kryptonite. The results can be catastrophic escalation uselessly and inappropriately applied; anything to position you inferior is a karenian win.

Make sure to always protect yourself accordingly. Protective measures include: recording video/audio, diffusion tactics, evasion/avoidance, 3rd party mediation (not police), etc.

Giving you a bad day is one of Karen’s main goals. How this is achieved has almost no boundaries. They will resort to the loudest reaction, problematically so.

PS karen transcends race and gender, and can be any good person on earth in a notoriously bad moment. Think you’ve never been the Karen? Think again. And know that every Karen on earth claims exactly the same. Karens are people who often just need a hug. It’s our responsibility to lift the ignorance around us up (imo)

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