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In theory, psychiatry and therapy services have never been more advanced. In practice, both industries fall dangerously short as a patient resource, operating in a vacuum void of checks and balances. CK Articulates the many problems drifting unaddressed in modern mental health. The goal: create tangible industry solutions patients can depend on by helping therapy & psychiatry become an objective, peer-reviewed, data-driven, patient-centric science free of the loose qualitative subjectivity it’s fraught with now.

(AI) a photorealistic image showing a caucasian man with vibrant multicolored hair sitting in a courtroom wearing a tshirt as a plaintiff suing a therapist in court. Generated by DALL-E 3

Suing Mental Health Services; Incentivizing Accountability with Lawsuits

A legal reckoning is on the horizon for mental health services. After assessing the mental health (MH) industry’s atrocious integrity, I predict a slew of lawsuits will spill out against providers as practices & failures become increasingly transparent. This will lead to industry accountability protocols internally enforced merely to prevent […]

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Welcoming Mental Health to Science: The Brutality of Good Peer Review

The scientific community is one of the most brutally honest, horrifyingly unforgiving, relentlessly persisting, utterly unapologetic entities known to humankind, among earth & beyond. If therapy & psychiatry wants to participate, it must be willing to play hardball. Starting with critique. Yet what I find is a panty-scrunching bunch of […]

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