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Medications are a controversial component of mental illness and mental health services. Dozens of pharmaceutical and OTC medications attempt to address the fleeting madness that accompanies inflictions like bipolar. Anxiety, depression, paranoia, sleeplessness, restlessness, ADHD, and a wildly fluctuating mood are all candidates for one medicine or another. CK explores this controversial topic with firsthand experience spanning two decades, self medication included.

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World’s Easiest Homemade Cannabis Edibles

Worlds easiest 5-step cannabis edibles: 1) Bake 7.0g covered @ 240°F for 40min2) Cool, clean & grind cannabis into powder3) Melt 75g chocolate4) Mix cannabis powder into warm chocolate5) Pour chocolate into a 24pc mold: 6.25x3x0.25in Approx: *50mg/ea piece (calculate your dosage here)(1.0 x 0.75 x 0.25in) *20% flower w/decarb […]

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