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Weaker to Break, Stronger When Broken; Fight-or-Flight Fitness

An interesting thing occurs among anyone whose spent significant time in fight-or-flight response (trauma): You get used to it. So get better at managing it. Reps & practice = improved executive function within fight-or-flight compared to non-trauma companions: working memory, flexible thinking, decision making, self-control, awareness, etc. This gets counterintuitive […]

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(AI) a photorealistic image showing a caucasian man with vibrant multicolored hair sitting in a courtroom wearing a tshirt as a plaintiff suing a therapist in court. Generated by DALL-E 3

Suing Mental Health Services; Incentivizing Accountability with Lawsuits

A legal reckoning is on the horizon for mental health services. After assessing the mental health (MH) industry’s atrocious integrity, I predict a slew of lawsuits will spill out against providers as practices & failures become increasingly transparent. This will lead to industry accountability protocols internally enforced merely to prevent […]

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(AI) a photorealistic image showing a female mental health professional dressed in a white lab coat with long gray hair holding her left hand up indication "stop" while beside a a wild eyed caucasian man with a beard & vibrant multicolored beard and hair looking annoyed and serious. Generated by DALL-E 3

Secret Shoppers for Mental Health; Evaluating Quality Control & Integrity Analytically

Mental health (MH) needs secret shoppers able to spot check & asses industry integrity of services rendered. In retail, dining, & other services, one quality control tactic is implementing secret shoppers who perform a service as a customer anonymously to report the experience integrity thru analysis. Business do this as […]

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