Building business bipolar ain’t for the faint of heart: the reality of intermittent madness & trauma lies a vulnerability unrelentingly real.

I sent the following heartfelt email to my #1 client 7yrs post open doors. Just another office day broken 💔

[context I own/operate a full service web development business after teaching myself how to code]

Dear Client,

I will leave this brief but want to make aware the reality I find myself within: I am struggling with cPTSD among an already fragile bipolar state, a monumental mountain I could never have prepared to climb.

I have never experienced such maddening fight-or-flight in my entire life, so perpetually unrelenting, and yet now I find myself 2-years deep among a 24/7 panic I can’t escape. My hands shake all day; my heart it trembles. My ability to function professionally intermittent.

Boo-hoo aside, I reach out constructively. You deserve (website) solutions. I want to let you know I am still here for these needs, just have shifted priorities a bit for survival. If you ever need something sooner or at all, please do reach out and we’ll provide solutions. There are 3 people in our professional circle able to help.

I am tired of sending excuses, but need to admit the reality of my healing. I’ve never encountered such ferocity of raw emotion, so persistently present. I stand today a completely broken man.

Luckily I kept my positivity and continue to exist safely looking forward. So there are no worries to be had, only the eternal madness that is being huMan.

I just need to figure out how to heal. And hopefully not go homeless or crazy in the process. I’m well acquainted with the western solutions, and will proceed accordingly.

Worry none, I got this. Just want to share why my services are not what they once were. I regret this deeply, having built this business with my bare hands bloodied from nothing. I stand today among my own ashes, weeping bones ground to dust. These are very abnormal times for me.

No response needed. I send this to you as a friend and fellow human. In hopes of helping others, I seek sharing my voice and struggles. The result is a business dedicated to a humanitarian cause beyond me: Catching Karens, LLC.

If I can’t weave this nonsense thread into useful webs, it will all have been for nothing. So I must try.

This email is questionably unprofessional. But I feel obliged to share given our history of friendship. I hope it finds you and family well.

Mizzstik Broken

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