The heartbreaking mental health (MH) narrative goes like this:

“We (MH) can’t accept insurance, they pay too low.”

“Did you write a business plan?”


“Did you even try accepting insurance?”

“No, we just know.”

“Did you consider creative solutions?”

“No. We cant, wont try & it’s not our fault blame insurance (victim).”

“Blame who now?”

The foundation of Therapy is Personal Accountability

The irony is palatable. Mental health (MH) has grown so accustom to this haphazard “I cant” narrative that it’s become baked into the culture as fact.

So they decide to go private practice for more money, which they affirm/excuse among each other sympathetically & morally.

All while evading the questionable ethics this decision includes & conveniently sidestepping both the accountability & responsibility to fix the problem.

I was told:

“You fix it (public/patients). Talk to your legislators”.

The narrative instead becomes “We’re powerless victims to insurance”.


As someone who has empowered many small businesses, this offends & concerns me.

Accountability is a 2-way street.

The cultural narrative needs rewritten, respectfully.

Only unbiased outside opinion can break this spell; the industry is too defensive otherwise.

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