If you’re happy with your meds & mental health services only to openly declare:

“I’m fine – case closed.”

Consider everyone out there mental health is failing.

Maybe step down & lend a helping hand.

Your solutions may not be universal.

Perhaps you just got lucky: A broken clock is right twice a day.

Siblings, mothers, fathers & children still need your help telling time.

As they slip & fall through cracks & chasms of eternal pain & failure.

Greater good exceeds just you.

Just because you found love doesn’t mean the world is fine.

“I’m happy with my providers leave me alone” is part of the problem, offering no solutions.

Advertising wins doesn’t help the busted; it only widens deadly gaps.

Be a bridge.

Humanity is waltzing off cliffs in droves.

If mental health services destroy even 1 life prematurely, we have a humanitarian problem.

Consider those mental health has failed may wobble too weak & broken to advocate a fix.

Let alone voice the concern.

When baselines overwhelm the voiceless, the healthy hold the helping hands to heaven.

Keys to magic kingdoms jingle.

While you perch high & dry applauding, the earth still cracks below in silence.

Can you hear all the screaming?

Chasms of pain as skies tear open; reflections of lives love lost flickering.

Like a candle in the wind.


Glad your services are perfect.

Megaphones of failure bringing down your dance?

Don’t worry, we’ll fix it all alone.

Or God will silence the voiceless failures for you.

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