While pro mental health services, I am convinced therapy/diagnosis inadvertently caused a lot of my stigma-related problems, including my own dismissal.

Constantly ruminating over my own fragility & failures degraded my confidence, among others. The correlation is too clear to ignore.

Here’s the problem: there persists a strong cultural push from family/friends/professionals to always seek mental health services as if these are risk-free solutions guaranteed to bring good all the time.

Nay. There exists huge risks. Much of it falling far short archaically broken. And this assumes you find high quality (attentive) care

Mental health providers: please stop pitching your services as risk-free win-win solutions. Or solutions at all. Solutions solve problems, not patch or cause them.

The result is a problematic perceived recklessness by any patient deciding not to participate in mental health treatments.

Which then snowballs into patient critique when crisis inevitably occurs “you should have been in therapy. This crisis is your fault”.

Post crisis, everyone’s gut response is (more) medication and facilities. A broken record plays on repeat, scratching completely maddened.

No, this not a dismissal of treatment as a potentially positive helpful tool. It’s simply urging better management of service expectations; sentiment the industry is responsible for imo

My family thinks mental health services are guaranteed solutions; a narrative pitched through hard marketing, cultural bias, and provider sentiment imo

Family then expects these solutions to actually work. So when they inevitably don’t, the whole shebang turns onto patients becoming their sole failure to hurdle; we bear the burden of their treatment failures:

“You have to want to be here”

“Happiness is a choice”

“You need a better attitude”

“Treatment usually helps”

BS like this comes long before I ever hear “I think treatment isn’t working or is severely limited for your needs”

I started an entire business addressing eloquently how/where therapy failed me. And my family still gives me shit for not being in active treatment, refusing to accept my personal work as constructive or responsible.

It’s as if I am not allowed to make the decision that therapy isn’t helping or is hurtful. The result is this relentless push to try and try and try again. Each failure another weight added to patient back.

Futility ensues, sans any relief.

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