(45 sec read) My initial goal starting CK was to make better #psychiatrists. It quickly became apparent the same can be achieved (and more) by focusing on making better patients, which in turn makes better providers. Empowering #patients to lead their own treatments. I don’t have answers yet, but it’s a work in progress hopefully achieved.

Doing your own homework and due diligence is critical, and failing to do so inexcusable. If you’re taking a medication you’ve never bothered to research, some of the responsibility falls onto patient alone.

That said, an effectively tangible goal would be getting psychiatrists to more procedurally empower patients to make exactly these self-driven educations. Instead, I see an active aversion to this whole “teach yourself” concept in psych entirely. “You’re just going to scare yourself” has been said to me before.

My personal experience is quite the opposite, in respect to bias and placebo alone, prescribers often take considerable measures to avoid discussing or emphasizing side effects. They will mention them when asked, but it’s rarely the discussion focus. Particularly in the presence of paranoia or doubt.

Have a new med to try? Google it. Ask questions. Then consume. Same for parents prescribing children. In medicine, there is often no free lunch.

Disclaimer: I am not an expert nor is this medical advice. Discuss any/all medications with your doctor or prescriber always. My opinion and first hand experience as a 20-year patient is exactly that: my own.

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