When a psychiatrist suddenly prescribed my gf 30mg of Adderall (not even bothering to titrate up), it drastically altered the dynamics of our relationship without warning. She was jacked! Zipping around talking about emotions and cleaning like crazy. All while I puttered around clumsily without it confusedly.

It twisted our social dynamics (and love) something fierce. Not necessarily bad, but sudden and unexpected and very different.

It’s worth asking your prescriber how your new medications may impact your social dynamics and relationships short and long term. A better you is also a different you. Prepare social circles accordingly.

It was a real problem for weeks, one the prescriber fixed by putting me on Adderall too (for legit ADHD). We have both since stopped all stimulants merely due to the perpetual headaches involved with prescribers and pharmacists, including drug testing. But they were extremely helpful clinically.

I never hear anyone talk about the difficulty of having a significant other suddenly medicated uber productive. Your whole vibe changes outwardly and inwardly. Again, not in a bad way, just very different and not discussed professionally in my opinion.

Please titrate medications slowly. My prescriber actually gave me crap for being upset that my gf was suddenly Mighty Mouse. Not appreciating my sentiments at all, I was accused of being “jealous” of her new enthusiasm and “resentful” of her “happiness” lol. I wasn’t. I was just trying to keep up with the new speed on speed, no pun intended.

PS: Learning how to produce output again without stimulants wasn’t easy (for me). I’m a year out and still rebounding qualitatively lost. Adderall is a great med that helped me for years, so I support its clinical use. But I found it personally unsustainable long term for my life. Taking it only intermittently for only the hardest days. (See also: Adderall & Sex Drive, Slowing Down After 5 Years of Speed)

This is not an anti-psych piece. Catching Karens (CK) does not provide professional or medical advice, only opinions and experiential patient insight. In a mental health crisis? Dial 988 (free 24/7) and visit Suicide and Crisis Lifeline. Medical emergencies Dial 911 (US & Canada)

If you are mentally ill and/or struggling with addiction, or worried about the safety of you or anyone you know, please talk to a mental health professional about the available options. Delusions, suicidal thinking, unwanted thoughts, harmful thinking, or anything else threatening yourself or others is reason for serious concern and requires action, including potential pharmaceutical interventions.

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