(45 sec read) Adderall used to significantly increase my sex drive (a good thing). Since stopping the med after 5 years almost 1 year ago, my sex drive is completely gone. And I mean completely.

Related? I don’t know, and how could I even make this conclusion? There’s no data collection or mechanism in place to determine exactly this. And my prescriber? Long gone as I wait on an arbitrary 3 month wait list for a new prescriber.

It’s worth asking your prescriber “what will 5 years of daily amphetamines do to me?”

PS the dry mouth also rots teeth, something my prescribers never thought to mention (dentist sure did).

Would I take Adderall again? Absolutely yes. But this lack of sex drive is a big problem in my relationship and it not being discussed problematic (imo).

Perhaps sex drive will return over time. It’s also harder to get motivated, but I expected this part on my own.

This is not an anti psychiatry post. Just honest feedback about my direct experience with a med. There is nowhere else for me to give this feedback. Another huge issue (imo).

I am pro mental health, therapy and psych and pro Adderall. But I do wish these scenarios were handled better within my industry experience.

When concerned about this dwindling sex drive, I asked my previous prescriber if we could test for testosterone in my next blood text. She said “No, I don’t test for things I don’t treat.” Then handed me 30 days of amphetamines. True story.

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