Catching Karens (CK) is at a 💔 crossroads of sorts. Here’s why:

Mental health (MH) professionals don’t want criticism – just like restaurants don’t want food inspections.

See: they can accept constructive criticism… or just not & keep trucking unchallenged as they were.

I found the latter.

This leaves advocating for the public & patients

Patients happy with their existing MH services don’t want critique or change either – it only threatens their own satisfaction.

Motivating change among the already-happy is futile. If it’s not broken (to them) why fix it?

People that don’t care about MH at all certainly don’t care about it’s critique & repair.

Then there’s fellow advocates, who seem fine hovering among vague intangible goals and/or find newbie clout meritless & encroaching; bless their hearts.

Proving myself to closed doors is defeating.

To be honest, I don’t know what “Mental Health Awareness” means, let alone how to achieve it.

This leaves the disheartened patients who have already been failed/harmed by MH or feel too hopeless to get involved; motivating this immobile force is exhausting.

Anti-psychs don’t want repair, they want to burn the whole house down & stomp on its ashes.

There’s simply no place for CK to thrive.

So much of advocacy dies before it’s ever born.

My partner tells me “You can’t change the world all by yourself…”

Yet advocacy is inherently exactly that: a me-against-the-world endeavor uphill against all odds.

Also: Yes I can.

But do I want to?

Twitter can be a shallow grave. I came seeking community & found the opposite: isolation, dismissal & useless conflict.

I also found a huge waste of my time trying to help a mental health industry that already knows it all.

While ~1000 Americans die by suicide each week.


48,183 in 2021 alone

That’s right: 132 Americans per day dead, and yet all I see MH talk about is positive affirmations hipshot into broken clouds useless.

Never talked about. Not once; the industry’s dirty little secret; the ultimate humanitarian failure. MH at its finest moment: alone, broken & scared to literal death.

Private practice turning their heads to it all, saving themselves high & dry then patting themselves on the back: “We tried”.

I am sick.

I can’t help people who don’t want help or see no problems at all.

Mental health isn’t broken, it’s f#cking delusional.

CK is shifting attention away from social media engagement to find its bearings without destroying its goal-driven passion, refocusing on freelance writing & articulating the many MH problems (and solutions) in book form, where I can say my piece & move on with my life unabsorbed & unabated.

I am losing track of my bigger purpose seeking social acceptance; seeking vapid numbers without understanding what this acceptance can even bring, if anything.

Advocation at the expense of soul is unsustainable; I naively expected more but instead found just more closed doors: “Leave us alone, we got this”.

Or do you? The statistics sure say otherwise.

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