As I voice mental health concerns, it’s relevant I tally my 20-years of work.

As Bobby D said: “I know my song well before I start singing.”

1,061hrs – Therapy
400hrs – Psychiatry
>200hrs – AA/NA meetings
45days – Detox/Rehab
40hrs – Naturopathic
40hrs – Couples therapy

Mental Health Modalities Practiced

  • Psychoanalysis
  • Neurofeedback Therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Guided Meditation
  • Fitness & Nutrition

I’ve taken ~30 medications, including the heavy hitters. Some as many as three different times.

Dozens of mental health providers & not one has concluded treatment-resistant failure or challenged my 2017 bipolar diagnosis, which I am sure is wrong or incomplete.

Med providers keep offering the same meds again and/or blame my attitude; expressing my failure/frustration gets deemed “being difficult”.

Not one provider has made a running list of all my meds tried; so I made my own.

A good (holistic) rehab is a mental health education more costly than college, 8-10hrs/day of school, therapy & homework.

I’ve written a book that I will never let see the light of day.

Yes, I consider myself an expert patient. And I see a lot wrong systemic throughout every experience.

Also, It’s not exactly rocket science.

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