A Non-Woke Approach Dedicated to Catching Everyone Out There Falling Almost Crazy

Millions of people slip through the cracks of madness every single day silent. This website explores the catastrophe that is modern mental health and mouth-pieces the perils of what it's like to fall through life almost crazy.

"No great mind has ever existed without a touch of madness."

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Mental Health is Broken

In theory, psychiatry and therapy services have never been more advanced. In practice, both industries fall dangerously short completely detached from patients short and long term. The maddening lack of unbiased data in psychiatry is a real problem; a professional vacuum void of feedback no one talks about. Patients need their voice back. Catching Karens is that voice.

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CK's mission: define the Karen in us all while articulating the many problems drifting unaddressed in modern mental health to create tangible industry solutions people can depend on. The goal: make therapy & psychiatry an objective, peer-reviewed, data-driven, patient-centric science free of the loose qualitative subjectivity it’s fraught with now. Growth Tomorrow Starts Today

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Have a Karen in your life falling? Concerned but afraid to speak up? Anonymously mail CK Stop Loss Chips to anyone you want, along with a custom personal message! Share your concerns discretely or directly, or declare your own dedication to growth.

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Where It All Began: Karen-0

It all started with wind chimes one rainy Colorado summer day in May: A power-tripping property manager participated in nearly having me arrested... twice. Including criminally trespassing my own paid rental areas (video). Coincidentally, I had just critiqued Karen's awful work mere days prior and caught a lie; Accountability is Karenian Kryptonite.

I was forced to publicly explain my innocence and private mental health to two FC police officers in front of entire apt complexes, neighbors, and friends humiliatingly for hours; A nice Bucking Horse thank-you $20k later; and a huge Karenian win. I was not arrested. CK addresses exactly this: flailing ignorance & broken mental health.

Weaker to Break & Stronger When Broken; Fight-or-Flight Fitness

By Mizzstik | April 5, 2024

An interesting thing occurs among anyone whose spent significant time in fight-or-flight response (trauma): You get used to it. So get better at managing it. Reps & practice = improved […]

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(AI) a photorealistic image showing a caucasian man with vibrant multicolored hair sitting in a courtroom wearing a tshirt as a plaintiff suing a therapist in court. Generated by DALL-E 3

Suing Mental Health Services; Incentivizing Accountability with Lawsuits

By Mizzstik | April 5, 2024

A legal reckoning is on the horizon for mental health services. After assessing the mental health (MH) industry’s atrocious integrity, I predict a slew of lawsuits will spill out against […]

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(AI) a photorealistic image showing a man from shoulders wearing dark round sunglasses with wild vibrant multicolored hair holding his tatted up arms to his head in disbelief as if experiencing a catch-22 (no win situation). Generated by DALL-E 3

Therapy’s Catch-22: Navigating Mediocre Mental Health Professionals

By Mizzstik | April 3, 2024

Much like fitness, the more therapy experience a patient gets the harder it becomes to find good therapy. This inverse relationship of integrity ends up inadvertently punishing those who dedicate […]

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(AI) a photorealistic image showing a well dressed caucasian man with a beard and vibrant multicolored hair holding his hands to his head while looking up frustrated in front of a house with a landlord outside holding moving boxes and pointing at the sky evicting tenant. Generated by DALL-E 3

Ignorance. Stigma. Heartbreak. Evicted From My Home Bipolar

By Mizzstik | April 2, 2024

True story: A girlfriend I shared lease with told my landlord I had bipolar. It was a cordial breakup turned lethal. She broke our lease & took my house & […]

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(AI) a photorealistic image showing a broken internet haphazardly held together with duct tape and sticks with a coder in a gray dress shirt and colorful tie with multicolored hair behind a laptop holding hands up caught in the web of tape frustratingly going crazy. Generated by DALL-E 3

Perpetual Impermanence; Burnout Among the Broken

By Mizzstik | April 1, 2024

So many “updates” in tech are redundant shifts merely in place to justify costs & employment. Lateral changes no one really asks for. This perpetual impermanence negatively impacts employees & […]

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(AI) a photorealistic image of a well dressed wild-eyed bearded man in dark gray suit with checkered shirt and red polkadot tie behind rusty prison bars holding them defeated. His eyes are cold and painted like a dark sinister joker. He has a beard and mustache with with vibrant multicolored hair against a dark green to aqua background. Generated by DALL-E 3

Patients in Prison; When Honesty in Therapy Costs You Freedom

By Mizzstik | March 30, 2024

Honesty in mental health services (MH) can cause involuntarily committal to psychiatric wards and even inadvertent imprisonment, a stark reality not always omnipresent. Like saying “bomb” in an airport, there […]

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(AI) a photorealistic image showing inside a persons head (brain) from the back view, with beakers and syringes probing into the brain scientifically. One scientist arm dressed in lab coat and latex globe holds a syringe entering into the left brain hemisphere. Two erlenmeyer flasks are shown: the left flask has blue solution and the right flask has red solution. Generated by DALL-E 3

What is Good Science? Comparing Therapy & Psychiatry to Real Science

By Mizzstik | March 29, 2024

CK compare’s “What is Good Science” to mental health (MH) service standards and finds a stark contrast falling far short of quality science. If MH wants the respect of the […]

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(AI) a photorealistic image showing a scientist in a lab coat leaning over a wooden desk holding tweezers and a microscope over a clipboard while giving an eager overzealous wide-eyed expression as if welcoming someone to science. Generated by DALL-E 3

Welcoming Mental Health to Science: The Brutality of Good Peer Review

By Mizzstik | March 29, 2024

The scientific community is one of the most brutally honest, horrifyingly unforgiving, relentlessly persisting, utterly unapologetic entities known to humankind, among earth & beyond. If therapy & psychiatry wants to […]

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(AI) a photorealistic image showing a confused befuddled well dressed psychologist in a blue suit and red tie staring at an inquisitive patient who is asking a question. The patient is a young adult girl with wild vibrant multicolored hair and a curious expression and sleeve tattoo wearing a bright orange shirt. Generated by DALL-E 3

Precision, Accuracy & Error; Navigating Poor Data in Therapy & Psychiatry

By Mizzstik | March 29, 2024

Next therapy & psychiatry session, ask your provider one simple question: “What hard quantitative data did we collect today & how does this data apply to my goals?” Or really […]

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(AI) a photorealistic image showing a tattered wild eyed eagerly grinning man with mouth open and vibrant multicolored hair holding up in palms a pile of multicolored pills as of screaming. Generated by DALL-E 3

Looking Under the Hood of Mental Health: It’s Ugly

By Mizzstik | March 27, 2024

In trying to advocate for better mental health (MH), I lifted the hood & took a good look. What I found was ugly, the conclusions of which I can no […]

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(AI) a photorealistic image of a wild eyed man with vibrant multicolored hair holding up a picket sign advocating the self reading “I ❤️ me”. The man is wild eyed and happy with a multicolored beard and eyes with an open smiling mouth. Generated by DALL-E 3

I ❤️ Me; The Limitations of Narcissistic Advocacy on Twitter

By Mizzstik | March 27, 2024

Advocacy is a more-the-merrier effort, unless the goal is Self. Too often causes get used to advocate Self, vs using Self to advocate causes. This makes social media collaborations hard. […]

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(AI) A photorealistic image of a well dressed caucasian man with wild eyes (wearing glasses) holding his hands to head with long wild vibrant multicolored hair & beard). He is well dressed in green shirt and orange tie with a serious expression while surrounded by stacks of paper and floating notes indicating overwhelmed with responsibilities. Generated by DALL-E 3

Overwhelming Patient Responsibilities Mental Health Providers Ignore

By Mizzstik | March 25, 2024

Catching Karens (CK) created a list of patient responsibilities per the modern mental health (MH) zeitgeist, as experienced first-hand on Twitter and over 20-years of in-person treatments. These are items […]

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(AI) a photorealistic image showing a wild eyed shirtless man with vibrant multicolored hair holding a large world globe above his head. The hair wraps up around the globe and he is shirtless (chest up view). His skin has psychedelic swirling colors against a dark blue to black background. Generated by DALL-E 3 & Photoshop AI

A Disheartening Reality; The Futility of Mental Health Advocacy

By Mizzstik | March 24, 2024

Catching Karens (CK) is at a 💔 crossroads of sorts. Here’s why: Mental health (MH) professionals don’t want criticism – just like restaurants don’t want food inspections. See: they can […]

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(AI) a photorealistic image showing a female mental health professional dressed in a white lab coat with long gray hair holding her left hand up indication "stop" while beside a a wild eyed caucasian man with a beard & vibrant multicolored beard and hair looking annoyed and serious. Generated by DALL-E 3

Secret Shoppers for Mental Health; Evaluating Quality Control & Integrity Analytically

By Mizzstik | March 22, 2024

Mental health (MH) needs secret shoppers able to spot check & asses industry integrity of services rendered. In retail, dining, & other services, one quality control tactic is implementing secret […]

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(AI) a photorealistic image of a psychedelic brain showing swirls of trippy colors against a purple to dark purple background gradient. On the lower portion of the brain is a rollercoaster track indicating the wild ups and downs of mental illness like bipolar. Generated by DALL-E 3

Rollercoaster Brain; Last Stop: Insane

By Mizzstik | March 21, 2024

Not knowing how your energy is going to behave any given day/moment is exhausting. Particularly given the gravity of yoyo spectrums. Gotta roll with coasters when all you really wanna […]

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(AI) a photorealistic image of a wild eyed skinny caucasian man with vibrant multicolored hair looking confused while motioning “I don’t know” with their hands and face by shrugging shoulders against an off-white background. Generated by DALL-E 3

Broken Narratives in Mental Health: Mitigating “I Can’t” Culture

By Mizzstik | March 21, 2024

The heartbreaking mental health (MH) narrative goes like this: “We (MH) can’t accept insurance, they pay too low.” “Did you write a business plan?” “No.” “Did you even try accepting […]

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(AI) a blue-tone photorealistic image of a man with vibrant multicolored appearing sick and broken hearted among a sea of tweet posts as if in a concert with a crowd holding up phones. His hands are on head and over mouth defeated with old Twitter logos emanating from his head like hair. Generated by DALL-E 3

Mt. Everest of Mental Health: Climbing Mountains of Bias & Subjectivity

By Mizzstik | March 20, 2024

I came to Twitter after 10 years off to help mental health (MH) providers & patients function better, acting as an industry mirror of sorts; a voice in a voiceless […]

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(AI) a photorealistic image showing a stoney eyed caucasian man with long wild vibrant multicolored hair and beard wearing a yellow suit jacket with an inspectors badge holding a clipboard. Generated by DALL-E 3

Mental Health Critics for Provider Accountability & Patient Voice

By Mizzstik | March 20, 2024

Self-evaluations make unbiased conclusions impossible. This self-saving incentive to defend personal/industry integrity = conflict of interest. Same reason restaurants don’t do their own food inspections. Impartial honesty requires neutral perspective […]

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(AI) a photorealistic image showing a well dressed but tattered man in a shredded tie and suit with glasses and beard and long wild vibrant multicolored hair holding up a business plan document about to pop a bubble. Generated by DALL-E 3

Popping Mental Health Bubbles; Therapy Business Plan 101

By Mizzstik | March 20, 2024

Time to pop bubbles: In the coming weeks, I will be publishing a full written business plan for mental health (MH) providers blueprinting hybrid private/insurance models w/financials & various creative […]

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(AI) a photorealistic image showing a well dressed therapist holding a briefcase authoritatively refusing to work with a crowd of tattered people with vibrant multicolored hair sitting together on the floor looking tattered and desperate. Generated by DALL-E 3

Evading Mental Illness; The Dark Side of Mental Health Providers

By Mizzstik | March 19, 2024

Something therapists never admit on Twitter: many don’t like treating Serious Mental Illness (SMI). The futility waters down perceived efficacy while increasing cognitive/emotional load. It’s simply harder money for less […]

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Managing Bipolar is like training for the Olympics Every Single Day of Your Life

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